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Survivor's Best Friend was born almost one year ago to the day. Last July, the idea just clicked in my mind. ‘Survivors and shelter animals,' I thought—just like Biscuit and me. And the rest is history. 

Survivor's Best Friend has been spreading around the nation ever since. In one year, we have had nearly 25 applicants ready to find their new best friends. Hundreds of survivors have contacted us eager to join the healing movement we are creating. We welcome everyone with open paws.

Through Survivor’s Best Friend, I ultimately want to shift the public narrative about sexual and domestic violence away from the evils of the perpetrator to instead focus on the resilience and autonomy of the survivor. Our adoption program does just this. Survivors are not only making major steps toward healing by adopting a new best friend. They are also literally saving a life in the process.

Being a survivor of sexual assault is core to my identity. I'm also an Executive Director, activist, graduate student, dog-lover, and crazed artist. In terms of healing, animals and art go hand-in-hand. Both represent outlets for expression. Both make us feel more whole. And both have contributed significantly to my journey of healing.

I believe that art and culture ultimately play a major role in the healing movement we are creating. Art brings us together. Art carries emotion and captures ephemeral moments. It connects us, fuels us, and nourishes our souls. Through art emerges activism—the reason why I decided to start a Patreon page.

We welcome artistic submissions from all survivors and allies for our Patreon page. Stories, opinion pieces, poetry, visual art, and music are all accepted. We want this movement to be diverse and inclusive. 

Sexual and domestic violence do not discriminate. Nonetheless, this sobering fact also presents us with a healing opportunity, enabling us to come together to collectively heal. Together we can also heal the toxic culture that perpetuates violence--all while granting homeless animals a furever home. Follow us on Patreon to join the movement.