Q. How do i start the process for receiving SBF's help?

A. Here is a link to the application to receive services from SBF. Fill out the application with all of your information, and a representative from SBF will get back to you in a timely manner with information on animal shelters in your area.


Q. how does sbf decide what adoptions to fund?

A. SBF funds as many adoptions as it can afford; we operate solely from the generosity of others. Cases are decided based on applications. A survivor's story is taken into account, as it is written on the application form. Dogs or cats must be adopted from an animal shelter, humane society, or rescue group. Non-rescue adoptions are not funded.  No adoption shall exceed $500.


Q. is sbf an animal shelter?

A. No, SBF is not an animal shelter. You can think of us as a placement organization. We connect survivors who want to adopt pets with shelter animals in need of homes. SBF works with shelters, but does not care for dogs and cats of its own.


Q. Why do survivors qualify for a free shelter animal?

A. We believe that shelter animals and survivors possess mutually beneficial qualities that foster growth and love in each individual. Many survivors of sexual assault and/or domestic violence never receive justice for the trauma(s) they endured. Granting survivors a new companion is SBF’s way of saying things can and will get better. Survivors with best friends will never have to be alone.


Q. are the adopted pets service animals?

A. The adopted dogs are not service animals. They can, however, become Emotional Support Animals (ESAs), an option that we fund for survivors who choose to go that route with their best friends.


Q. How can i get my pet registered as an emotional support animal?

A. Your psychiatrist or other medical provider will need to write a letter certifying that your animal is medically assisting you in some way. This letter allows your animal to qualify for federal benefits, such as the unrestricted access to indoor facilities.


Q. does sbf pay for expenses after the adoption?

A.  Yes, SBF will pay for Emotional Support Animal letters for survivors who adopted pets through us. SBF stays in touch with the survivors we help. We offer a network for survivors and their pets to connect with one another and provide support.