The Outreach Intern will assist the team in contacting businesses, nonprofits, foundations, organizations, and individuals to expand SBF's influence and reach. The Outreach Intern should be opportunistic, visionary, and personable. Interns will find new avenues for growth in their ventures.

Social Media/ Graphic Design

The Social Media/Graphic Design Intern will be in charge of all social media posting for SBF. They will also create and design marketing materials to be distributed including flyers, brochures, and pamphlets. Applicants should be proficient on Canva and Adobe Creative Cloud.



The Fundraising Intern will manage existing fundraising efforts and will look for and plan new opportunities to attract donors. They will assist in the planning and maintenance of SBF's charity art auction. The Fundraising Intern will research and apply for grants as well. Applicants should be persistent and creative.