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Enter new beginnings


Animals are magic.

Here at SBF we think so, at least.

The following stories are a tribute to the enchanting power of pets. Dogs and cats make us whole again after we are broken and battered. They repair us and bring out parts of us that we never knew we had. Rape and domestic violence are crimes shrouded in silence and shame. Both crimes are difficult to talk about and even more difficult to understand if you've been lucky enough to never fall victim to either. Animals are perfect for situations where words fall short. Dogs and cats sense our emotions and know how react to make us feel at peace. They heal our wounds through unconditional love, affection, and patience. At SBF, we think all survivors deserve their own healing companion. Together they can walk the journey to recovery and still have enough time to play fetch at the park.


We believe survivors


trigger warning


Sammy & Mac

“To me, it happened not once, but twice, both within 6 months of each other. I was a freshman in college. Going to a Big 10 school where more than 1 in 4 women on campus are sexually assaulted terrified me. The first time was the 3rd day after I left home. My roommate and I went to a frat party, and I took a drink that was poured by a guy I didn’t know…” Read More


Jesi & Sebastian

“As someone with a history of sexual abuse, depression, a past eating disorder that rears it's head every so often, a many year struggle with self harm, and a very anxiety ridden outlook on life, I have always second guessed myself on things…” Read More


Emelen & Banks

"I was assaulted my first year of college, twice. These instances would be described by urban dictionary as "date rape". I was not followed into an alleyway or kidnapped on my way home. I don't know what happened...” Read More


Emma & Dexter

"I was first raped when I was barely fourteen. That was the first time I had kissed a boy, much less had sex. It took me years to realize that it was rape - not just because he was four years older, but because I remember laying there with him on top of me trying to tune out what was happening by singing songs in my head...” Read More


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