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Sophie Capshaw-Mack

Founder & Executive Director

As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, domestic violence, and rape, Sophie was inspired by her transformative healing experience with Biscuit, her 4-year-old Great Dane German Shepherd mix that she adopted from the shelter. Sophie graduated with a BA in Philosophy from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and is currently receiving her MPA in Environmental Science and Policy from Columbia University.


Emelen Clemmons

Director of development

Emelen is a communications consultant focused in the field of education. She believes that we can bring change to the issues that plague our community through open conversation and awareness of lived experiences. As a survivor of sexual assault, Emelen hopes to make available the resources and healing techniques that helped her claim feelings of safety and peace.

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Hollyn Walters

director of Outreach

Hollyn works with survivors, volunteers, and businesses to help spread SBF's message and services. She graduated from the George Washington University with a BA in International Relations. She hopes to one day get her Masters degree and begin a career in International Conservation Policy. Hollyn is excited to connect survivors to their future, faithful, forever animal companions. 


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