the arts.


SBF endorses a holistic approach to healing for survivors of sexual assault and/or domestic violence. We believe shelter animals can be a large part of that approach. We also recognize the importance of the arts and the potential that creative expression brings to providing relief from PTSD. Creating and enjoying art grants survivors an unfettered outlet of expression. For these reasons, we've incorporated the arts into our organizational operations, teaming up with artists from across the country to raise awareness and funds to help shelter animals and survivors.

Art Auction

SBF has teamed up with artists from across the country to auction off all types of art to our generous donors in the name of philanthropy. Join us on our quest to help survivors through animals and art today. Contribute as an artist by submitting your work for consideration in our online art auction.

SBF Artist Fellowship

Apply to this prestigious fellowship for undergraduate and graduate visual art students. Join SBF in advocating for survivors through creative expression. Be an SBF ambassador, support a noble cause, and have your portfolio displayed in our gallery. Ally with survivors, and join the movement for change. Apply today!